Infinite and Fading

I think that’s what life really is like, isn’t it?


Moments of bliss and deep emotion where we feel as if we stretch on forever. A warmth in the bones.

It is the smell of autumn leaves as you watch the world catch your breath in front of you. The giggle of school yard laughter drifting through the air. It’s that feeling when you are in the right time, right place, with the right people.

And perfection is no longer an idea, a symbol, an ideal to strive for. It is imminent. Pressing upon you. It is now.

Yet life is fading. As this world spins madly on the seasons change and change and come back again. We believe we get innumerable rotations around the sun and yet when it comes to pass we merely receive a handful. Life is fading. It in a state evanescence.

We named this blog Infinite and Fading because most of us live in between those two points. Our every day life is filled with a duldrum of recycled experience.

The daily grind and repetition has robbed food of it’s flavor and music of it’s vibe. The most unique experiences and the most beautiful sights are now cast asunder. Doomed to pass by unnoticed.

How many sunrise and sunsets will we even get?

At the end of our life, how many will we wished we had watched?

If we don’t look at our life, pause, reflect, we miss it. It’s gone. Those moments of joy and experience are turned into a passing blur. Life is fading. It is short. And Emily and I don’t want to just be here and gone, wondering where time went. So we know we are fading. We know this life is temporary.

Yet we have to bite, claw, scratch and fight our way past the onslaught of numbing time. Maybe we will never make a huge mark on this world. Yet Em and I want to try. We want to record, write, photograph, video, and show the beauty this world has.

So this is where we live. Between a perfection that stretches forever on and a low encroaching fade of all we know and love. Hopefully we can just press closer to infinity a little bit more each day.


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