We met beyond all reason. It would never happen in real life. One from Seattle. The other from Florida. A distance of three thousand miles had always separated us. Every thanksgiving meal with family gathered around, every hurricane and snow day, every achievement, milestone, and moment all occurred while separated by the vast distance of America.

Call it fate or serendipity but somewhere along the path the common thread of our lives interwove

We both traveled to the island of Taiwan to teach people about the creator.

Formosa is literally on the other side of the world. In the middle of nowhere. An island consisting of a unique people and very few foreigners.

And that’s where we met.

That’s where we began to fall in love.

The crisp fall air filled with laughter and hope as we took trains and buses on a national journey. From Taichung to Taipei, we slept on dingy orphanage floors and held little children. We talked and taught and exposed the people of Taichung to the story of God. The story of Jesus.

And through this we fell in love.

Since that autumn journey of scooter rides and night markets, life has brought us to thirteen countries together. We have seen the temples of Ankor Wat, rode the backs of elephants, slept in the slums of Africa.

The most beautiful sights. Things that people see once in a lifetime have traveled beyond these world weary eyes. And yet the most beautiful thing of all we have seen is love. The love of a man and a woman. The love of a God and a people.

So we write, we record, and we journal. Because that love is worth sharing.

This blog will follow us as we travel the world. As we live normal day jobs. And as we exist and fall deeper into love with God and each other.

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