American Horror Story

It’s the hashtag life.

A life of social media invading your personal space. When an election cycle comes along, and particularly one this brutal to our lily sensitive pallet, we often don’t know what to do. Social Media has formed and cultivated a bunch of unseen rules over the last decade. A score of basic laws of etiquette.

You can’t show the gross. The depressing. The raw. Sure, post a photo of your kid getting stitches. Everybody goes, “Wow, wow… praying. Positive vibes.”

Post a photo of you having a bad attitude. Statuses about how hard the divorce is. Commenting on how you actually disagree with the PC nature of American dialogue.

That is gross to us. So we create these cute, passive aggressive gestures of expressing ourselves and yet trying not to out the fact that we may indeed really actually care about politics.

It’s near impossible to avoid the election. Doing so is proclaiming your ignorance, being obsessed with it is proclaiming you’re in a system most of us see as fractured. Commenting on the election will annoy people on Facebook. Not commenting will have people wondering “Do they only care about husky puppies and trips to Ice Cream Parlors?

I love America. I love this country. And I think it is ok, despite all the headlines, to actually be proud of America. And down inside I think a lot of us care about the election. We are really worried about the future. We are scared for what tomorrow holds if people we wouldn’t trust alone in a room with money are suddenly in control of Nuclear Arsenals.

Yet it’s so much easier to passive aggressively disengage.

Some people post on Facebook and I wonder if they are secretly thinking “THE ELECTION HINGES ON THIS POST. THE WORLD MUST KNOW MY REASONS!!! I WILL SAVE THIS COUNTRY! But I will look moderately disinterested while doing it.”

Or maybe they do a literal “This,” post.


(Insert headline or quote that is in your face about how Trump sucks, Racism exists, America is evil)”

Drop the mic. That meme photo should make you evaluate your life!

The “This post.” is starting to wear thin.

I recently heard the claim that Trump has caused a psychological disease where people are so anxious and nervous now they can hardly take it.

I hear people proclaiming the 2016 election to be the messiest one in the history of the human race.

Oh the Vitriol!

Last week Twitter was exploding with articles about words like “Nasty Woman.”

Really? That’s the word combination that made America throw its hands up in disgust last week?  Have we become that weak as a society that rudeness is now the insurmountable evil of our time? Wasn’t there a generation that fought Nazi’s? History will probably rewrite that too in time, slurring the good, marring the heroes, and ushering understanding for the villains. This is why we can’t have nice things.

So many think this country such a bastion of hate and intolerance. America is not perfect. But America is NOT human rights abuse under the Iron Curtain either.

This is the same generation that ranked Sausage Party a work of high-level art. Bought 50 Shades of Grey. Loves the Boondock Saints because they are “cool.” It voted Marijuana into recreational use. This is the same generation that watched American Pie as kids. Keeps the Kardashians in business. Has had the highest volume of pornography and sexual addiction. America lives an inconsistent framework with people bantering back and forth about how Sex Workers should be rewarded and not shamed and then acting surprised when culturally disrespecting a woman is somewhat normative. We listen to Gucci, 2 Chainz, Kodack Black screaming terrible things about woman. We pay MONEY to hear that stuff.

Eat poison. Your body reacts like a body that eats poison. Garbage in, garbage out. We spend MILLIONS as a country every year to create two hour long sessions of sex and profanity and then pay money to see the finished product. On the way to the talkies we listen to horrific trashy music. I work in education. I can’t even post lyrics like on Facebook without ending up on CNN.

Although I’m sure the clickbait title would be riveting.

“YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT THIS TEACHER DID!” (Now click next 25 times to get to the actual story…)

This generation bathes in the blood of the unborn. Screaming for self-ecstasy and independence and then proclaims a man who is not politically correct, often misquoted, and perhaps ignorant, as the death rattle of America.


This country had its issues well beyond 2014-2016. The years we decided Racism was real again. (Note: It did exist long before the noughties.)

I am starting to really struggle with the hypocrisy squeaking through the cracks in the world view of the modern American.

Everybody clamors to be a victim. They want to claim they are misrepresented and systematically hated. It’s becoming popular to be maligned. Never has persecution been so in. Self-Martyrdom is the new orange.

It’s sad because that desire is starting to cloud our vision to where we don’t see the real victims of the system anymore.  People actually affected by very painful and personal things are now lost in a sea of rambling voices.

People truly harmed by Racism, Bias, and discrimination are drowned out in a sea of anger toward every cause imaginable. Those hurt by the lack of representation are finding it hard to be taken seriously now as every single person has a cause.

“I want to be a unicorn because I feel like I’m a Unicorn.”

I am waiting for that to hit the headlines.

Maybe it’s our fault for supporting a music industry glorifying sex, drugs, abuse of woman, proliferation of stereotypes, bigotry towards races, hate toward cops. Maybe it’s our fault for creating an entertainment industry that runs on stereotyping husbands as ignorant losers who laugh at fart jokes on the daily. For telling everyone they could be anything they want when they grow up and not having the audacity to say “Timmy, you can’t be a firetruck. That’s ignoring the laws of physics.”

Maybe instead of turning our ire towards every possible scapegoat, it’s time America looked in the mirror and realized that when it decided it could do anything it wanted, it had consequences. America is reaping the rewards of that decision.

Honestly. We are just plain ungrateful. It is so wrong how we are never satisfied.

Only 90’s kids remember when we didn’t have indoor plumbing, hot showers, 24/7 access to food, cards that give us free money to buy food when we are poor, paid people who go around to make sure other people won’t hurt you, free college help with a FAFSA or scholarships, endless entertainment, the cure to numerous diseases, a long life not cut short by terrible random bacteria found on the daily, disposable income, the right to vote regardless of gender, race, or viewpoint, computers that do everything for us.


Only 90’s kids remember the Harry Potter Sock Mustache combo.

Only 90’s kids remember when you didn’t have wireless communication to anyone you care about, glowing books that can be read when it’s night time, lightbulbs, printing presses, unions, wages, a 40 hour work week, clean drinking water, disposable clothes, materials that last through inclement weather and disasters, electricity, space travel, restaurants that give you hot food within minutes, vehicles that travel hundreds of miles for us, the ability to read as a common expectation, care for the disabled, elderly, and maligned.

In the vast span of human history, no generation has been more coddled, told to feel, allowed to do things without consequence, given vacations, less hours at work, more disposable income, more freedom, more rights, more privilege.

Never in the history of the world has a country stood where so many people can vote, where so much freedom exists.

And somehow we hate it.

We hate it like a child hates summer vacation after the first two weeks, screaming, “I’m bored!!!” as his friends are no longer a forced daily encounter. Only to leave summer vacation wanting more.

We are deeply disturbed by freedom.

Was freedom ever really a good thing anyways?

Maybe it’s no more fun, because just like running around as a kid playing tag, when the neighbor kid pulls the “I am invincible and have a fortress card.” every single time you tag him, it’s unfair and lame. So you have the choice to simmer down and put some rules in play with the neighbor kid.

Yet instead of seeing a lack of rules as the issue, like a child’s mind instead we view the problem as a lack of freedom. “If I could have an invisible fortress, then tag would be really fun!”

Like the nubile mind that designed Buffalo Wild Wings thinking, “I like TV. So if I put 100 TV’s in a room, that will be the most fun I could possibly be having right now!”

We equate our lack of happiness with a need for more freedom. More representation. More entitlements. More, more, more. If I am cold and one coat makes me feel good. I WILL TRY ALL THE COATS!

This culture is messed up. It is bearing the natural consequences of our actions. It will continue to confuse itself through the elimination of rules and the request for boundaries. The culture needs to change before our politics will help us because we are so far away from any sort of morality. Our laws will not be our salvation.Children are protected far more from abortion by a culture of life than a legal mandate. Legislating morality is nowhere near as effective as the mainstream belief system of a people hinging toward the moral.

(Although its still of extreme importance, I do belief voting for life is absolutely critical.)

The truth is that America, needs to look less on the external factors of politicians and the White House and more on the internal factors of participating in a culture that has caused the great divides we face.

The bible postulates a fascinating answer to this election. An answer to racial bias, to hate, to pain. You see long after our ballots are cast and our new leadership is in charge we are left with America. A country that existed through World War’s and Revolutions. A country that very realistically could tumble into more war and dissipate.

Here’s the answer. One that is so different from what anyone is saying…

Pray for your leadership. Wish actually good, hope, peace, and blessing upon them. Weep and wail for the sin they struggle with. Laugh and grin and rejoice at the good they know. Love them. Because He first loved us.

After the election, you are commanded through scripture to submit to your leaders as able to within moral reason. God first. Leadership second. You are even commanded to pray for those who persecute you. For enemies. The hate towards a candidate is not a reason to abandon the biblical mandate to pursue reckless love towards those people in power. If we spent less time angsty and ungrateful for the life we have, and more time on our knees praying and interceding for those who run the race before us we might see true change.

Pray for him even though he may be a misogynist.

Pray for her, even though she realistically may have committed treason.

Shower them with truth and love. Campaign for the beauty of Christ to be known by these people who run the country.

Take some time to be grateful and reflect on the simple things. We complain about things that people who walked before us didn’t even possess the imagination to be disappointed about.

If you care about rights and equality, when that rap song comes on spewing derogatory terms toward women. FIGHT IT.  When that movie plays and it’s about sex and cheating. FIGHT IT. BLOG ABOUT IT. POST IT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. Fight the culture, pray for the culture, change the culture. That… that is our gateway to rights. That is our gateway to see change for those mistreated and maligned. Change the culture and people will start leaning back towards good.

And you don’t need an election to do any of that. Because this country and this world is still around on November 9th.


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