From Complaining to Calcutta

I never have been much of a complainer.

Honestly it is something that just really annoys me when other people do it.

So I hope that others would consider me an optimistic of sorts.

However, there are a select few people in my life (the unlucky ones) who know my own heart better than I do. These are the people who even when I have a smile on they could sense if something was wrong.

A short two weeks ago, I was having one of those nights. One of the nights where you feel like you have given your everything to make something work and it ends up exploding in your face. One of those nights where the situation might not be so bad, but because of high strung emotion your heart acts as if the world was ending. One of those weeks where the stress of distanced relationships, school, finances, and not quite getting the answers to prayer that you wished were answered.

It was a night like this.

In the early morning before the sun rises.
Wide awake.
Puffy eyed.
Head is pounding from the amount of fluid that left my face driving home.
Jake calls.

I answer and after a minute ask if I can call him later.
Sheesh Em. Pull yourself together.
I call him back and instantly begin to vent about every thing from the current event in my own little world to the price of tea in China!

Sometimes, being human and all, it is easy to forget how tiny our problems actually are.

Mid sentence. The Holy Spirit began to intervene.

“Yeah Em”…
“Can we just pray for a country? I don’t want to talk about my problems anymore”.
“Of course, which one”?
“Lets pray for India”….

The phone call ends.
I am simply overcome with peace and about to fall asleep.
Just as I begin to become one with my bed and sheets, a Facebook notification goes off on my phone.
Its freaking late Em. No need to check that.
But I did anyway.

A friend messaged a group of friends, saying that he knows someone who needs a photographer in India.

“Thats weird… “

So I messaged him that night and told him about the prayer. One thing lead to another, and the next day I find out that in a month I am flying to India to do photography and video work with my best friend Taylor.

So that’s how this whole next crazy chapter of life happened.
I was reminded that the worlds problems are so much more vast than my own.
I can’t change them, nor do I have the slightest bit of control over them.
But I serve the God who does, and sometimes He entrusts us to do something bigger than we can handle.

I am reminded of Job and as he complains to God for his circumstances, he is soon reminded that God is the creator. God is in control. And Job needs to repent of His own righteousness.

Like myself.

We talked of an orphanage in Calcutta where the kids need sponsorships.
The land that they are renting needs to be purchased if they want to remain open.
This place is a refuge for these kids who would otherwise end up on the streets, most likely in prostitution or drug abusing.

I really do believe that missions media can change our world.

I have never claimed to understand God and His ways, but I sure am thankful for this opportunity in which he has entrusted us with.
An opportunity to simply do what we love.
Take photos, explore the depths of the world, and above all else shout his love from the rooftops.

This was definitely a reminder of where I am supposed to keep my focus.

I would appreciate much prayer for this new venture. As finances still have to come together in a month. Kids need new sponsors, and the mission needs to be laid on the hearts of others for support.

Street Kids in the Philipines

Street Kids in the Philipines


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